Classrooms for the Future is a high school reform project designed to change instructional practice in English, math, science, and social studies classrooms and increase student attendance and achievement. Grantees are committed to a system-wide initiative to create technology-rich instructional settings to foster 21st Century skills and prepare students for career and college success. In order to accomplish this, district leadership at central office, building, technology office and educational association must be involved in examining policies and practices that support teachers in taking risks to try new tools and instructional strategies.

This landmark program is historic in terms of both educational technology and large-scale high school reform and will become a model for other states to replicate for high school reform. Pennsylvania is the first state to combine “smart” classrooms and laptop computers in English, math, science, and social studies classrooms, and extensive professional development for all teachers.

As a member of Cohort 3, Strath Haven HS will begin this landmark program focusing on the integration of educational technology in the math, science, and social studies department. Three classrooms in each department will be outfitted with:

  • 1 teacher laptop
  • 24 student laptops
  • 1 printer
  • 1 laptop cart
  • 1 Epson projector
  • 1 Interactive Promethean whiteboard

Professional Development

A team of teachers selected by their department chairs have committed to intensive professional development, evaluations, and other CFF program activities.

Embedded Learning - Learning Sciences International Overview

The following are the professional development requirements:
  • Participate in a minimum 30 hours through the Embedded Learning Academy PD - Cohort 3
    • The course will be part of the series, 21st CenturyTeaching and Learning, created by Learning Sciences International for the Embedded Learning Academy.
    • Activities include online participation, readings, reflections, local face to face discussion groups, action research and action planning.
    • Graduate versions of the courses also fulfill the requirement and can count toward an MSEd: Major in 21st Century Teaching and Learning through Wilkes University. For information regarding graduate credit please visit
    • Courses in the series include:
      • Teaching in the 21st Century: The Need for Change
      • Authentic Teaching and Learning (Content-based)
      • Differentiated Instruction (Content-based)
      • Inquiry-based Learning (Content-based)
      • Project-based Learning (Content-based