Plagiarism is a concern for every teacher. Teaching students to responsibly research and cite sources is always a challenge. Now, that we are integrating more technology into our curriculum we are seeing creativity on the rise. But it also means that our students have more access to materials that are not of their own creation. How can we take a few minutes out of our already jam-packed lesson plans to teach study fair use practices?

Click on this link for quick tutorial - from Brigham Young University - that walks students through the basics of copyright and fair use. Copyright 101 (The video link currently do not work on our system.)

Also, remeber that Noodletools found on the SHHS Library Wiki helps students to track their citations online.

Another great resource... A Teacher's Guide to Fair Use and Copyright from Cathy Newsome.

Here's a great article on Creative Commons and copyright issues. The article address Internet issues such as licensing parts of your wikispaces.

Teaching Copyright provides a curriculum packed with great resources and example to better understand copyright and fair use.

Copyright Free Music

for use in presentations, etc.

A great wiki with links to copyrigh-friendly resources