DCIU Media-On-Demand Resources


The Delaware County Intermediate Unit has digitizes over 1,500 titles that were previously available in video only. Now you can search online for video and view media content instantly by streaming them directly to your computer.

DCIU's Online Film Library (WebMax) - http://iuweb.dciu.org/webmax/login.html

  • Log-in in the guest section of the site using First and Last Name fields or your WSSD email address
  • You can also access by going to www.dciu.org, click on Teachers, and then click on Online Resources and Downloads.

DCIU has also made availble to all DelCo high schools:

Discovery Education (Formerly United Streaming)
  • Choose from over 50,000 standards-based video segments
  • Search by subject, keyword, or grade
  • Play a video in a live stream or download to your computer (If you have troubling play video segments in Windows Media Player go to Tools and click on Connect to the Internet)
  • Classroom resources include: Puzzlemaker, lesson plans, clip art, Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators, assignment builder, and quiz builder.
  • Log-in with full WSSD email address and password: 1111

Learn 360
  • Choose from thousands of the most recent digital media from PBS, National Geographic, Standard Deviants, Slim Goodbody, and Sunburst Visual Media.
  • Search by subject, keyword, grade level, media format, or standard
  • Play a vidoe in a live stream or download to your computer
  • Create playlists, groups of users, quizzes, assignments, and slideshows
  • Log-in is DCIU for username and password