RSS (Real Simple Syndication)

The new, faster way to read the Web!

RSS definitions:

  • Also called web feeds, RSS is a content delivery vehicle. It is the format used when you want to syndicate news and other web content. When it distributes the content it is called a feed. You could think of RSS as your own personal wire service. (Courtesy of

Why subscribe?

By click on the little orange icon you can receive regular notification of updates to your favorite blogs, wikis, and podcasts. It makes keeping track of student blogs and wikis easier because you don't have to waste time checking for new content each day.

Since updates can be cumbersome to manage, I recommend using a reader tool like Google Reader to manage your RSS feeds. With this FREE tool, all your favorite sites are in one location for easy viewing and sharing. Now you can keep up with news and information for your classroom in minutes.

How to set it up?

("RSS in Plain English" courtesy of Lee Lefever of the Common Craft Show on